Upcoming events

Calendar for June (some events may change)

Next Tuesday, June 2

2:00pm Staff Meeting

7:00pm Deacons (Zoom)


SUNDAY IS PENTECOST!  Wear RED and have something you can wave. (NOTE:  Communion will be JUNE 7, not this coming Sunday).  And send us your selfies! 


THE CITY OF GOD ZOOM DISCUSSION  will begin Wednesday June 10, 7:00pm.  Interested persons will need to have a Warren County Library account (if you have a card, you can register for an account) and then you can stream the video for free.  We'll gather via zoom to discuss each chapter on Wednesdays at 7pm.  Email Leslee with questions.  Glenn Kirkconnell will be leading.

ROUND TABLE PULPIT is meeting via Zoom, each Monday at 5:00pm.  Contact the office for the information to log in.


NEED TO MEET?  If your group (PW circle, committee/ministry) needs to meet, contact the office to get a zoom date.  Meetings cannot overlap, so please call the office to get scheduled.


BIBLE STUDY TOGETHER continues.  Join our Facebook Group to engage in conversation about the readings....(we are up to day 146 as of today).  And it's really never too late to join! 


IN KAHOOTS - Sunday Fun with our kids.  1:00pm.  Mary Evans and Nancy Hulan have fun games on the Bible!  Email Leslee or Mary for the Zoom information! 


MASKS will be needed in public for the foreseeable future.  If you need one, contact the office - we have several folks making cloth ones. 

WE ARE LOVING THE SELFIES AND PICTURES OF YOU/YOUR FAMILY as you gather for worship on Sundays.  You can send to Cheryl, Leslee or David, or post on our Facebook page.  IT WILL BE PENTECOST THIS SUNDAY!  Wear your red and take pictures.  Also find something you can wave - handkerchief, streamers, anything - you will need during worship!  


VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL REGISTRATION is open!  Click here.  We need your registration as we will be sending out materials to go with the videos!  Our first Sunday will be June 21.  Please know that these will not be 'live' videos, so if you are celebrating Father's Day, no worries!  You will be able to watch and participate at your convenience!  PLEASE send information to friends and family elsewhere - since we are virtual, anyone anywhere can participate. 


A WALKING SMALL GROUP is being formed and you are invited to join.  Karen Watson will lead a walking group at Griffin Park starting June 16 at 10:00am.  The group will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, weather permitting, for some devotion time and then walking.  Enter where the park office is and meet at the shelter-you need a mask.  Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.  Text or email Karen to let her know you want to join this group.  Karen's phone number:  270-991-5673  Karen's email address: mail@kgwatson.com


CAMP IN A BOX - yes this is a 'thing!'  Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center in Arkansas is offering a special Camp in A Box that they will send anywhere.  You get (one child/one box) activities for a week's worth of NON-SCREEN activities.  Designed for children K-rising 6th.  Check it out here:  https://ferncliff.org/camp-in-a-box/ Do order soon so you will get it when you want it!  Ferncliff is one of our amazing Presbyterian Camp and Conference Centers! THE ORDER WINDOW WILL CLOSE SOON, SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, DON'T DELAY!

NEWSLETTER  The June issue of our newsletter is now available for viewing online. No printed copies will be mailed this month unless we get an individual request. Call the office if you want to receive the paper copy. Link is here:



Preaching this Sunday:  Matthew Covington- service will be livestreamed

Last Sunday:  Congregation Hymn Sing


  • vacation bible school - register now!

    We are meeting virtually this year!  Target dates are June 21 and 28, 3:00pm.  Videos are in the works for families to watch and respond to, materials will be mailed to registrants.  REGISTER TODAY!  Click here.  Children age 4 and up!  Questions?  Email Leslee Kirkconnell.

  • city of god video and discussion

    Beginning Wednesday June 10, 7:00pm via zoom.  Dr. Glenn Kirkconnell will be leading the discussion on the Great Courses videos.  Free streaming of the video is available through the Warren County Library.  Each week the group will discuss the video and how important St. Augustine is to Christianity.  Questions?  Email Leslee or Glenn. Please email Leslee your interest so the link can be sent. 

  • Round Table Pulpit bible study

    Is now on-line!  We will meet via Zoom on Mondays at 5:00pm.  Email to get the information.   Come join the conversation on the upcoming preaching scriptures. 

  • Kerygma bible study

    Join us each Sunday beginning April 5 at 8:45am via Zoom for this 14 week in-depth Bible study.  We will explore the concept of Shalom/Eirene in the Bible in a thematic study.  Email Leslee for details. 

  • read through the bible

    We are reading through the Bible together-join us!  Why?  Reading through the Bible is important - you have a clearer understanding of the history of God's people, the love God has for us and you improve your Bible knowledge.  We have brochures with readings available in the office, or you may go to the BibleTogether website to sign up for email reminders.  There is also an app you can download. It has the  readings (or listening - it will read you the passages if you like) questions, maps, videos and more!  Questions?  See Matthew Covington.