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Calendar for April

To see more information on any of the activities listed below, please click this link:  http://bgpres.org/#/upcoming-eventscalendar

Next Tuesday, April 20

2:00pm Staff Meeting

11:00am Finance Ministry

1:00pm CUICHM

7:00pm Session


WE ARE ENJOYING SEEING SO MANY BEAUTIFUL (MASKED) FACES EACH SUNDAY!  Help us be prepared by calling the office each week.  And when you do come, PLEASE remember we must still keep safe distance - there are white dots on the pews to indicate where to sit. 


YOU ARE WHAT YOU LOVE will be the focus of our next small group book study, beginning Monday, April 19.  By James K. A. Smith from Calvin College, we'll explore the spiritual power of habit by reading this book, discussion and practicing spiritual disciplines.  Heather Kirkconnell will be leading and we will start by zoom.  Contact Leslee Kirkconnell to purchase the book ($12). 


THE WEATHER IS BETTER AND OUTDOORS IS GREAT! Our Walking Group is going strong.   2:00pm on Tuesdays, meeting at Basil Griffin Park.  Gather at the Ampitheater Parking Lot.  Wear your mask and walking shoes.  We'll enjoy devotion and fellowship and walk for at least 30 minutes.  New folks welcome anytime! Contact Karen Watson with questions - 270-991-5673.


PRESCHOOL LEARNING CENTER REGISTRATION for 2021-22 school year is open.  Visit our website - https://bgpres.org/preschool for enrollment information.  Packets will be available in the office.  Tell your friends with young children about the best preschool in the area! 


BUCK IN A BASKET for April is supporting College Scholarships. Begun by the Christian Education Ministry, this fund will enable us to give every graduating High School senior a gift toward college expenses.  Your generosity is much appreciated! 




THE WIRED WORD BIBLE STUDY RETURNS! From April 25-May 16 Dr. Nathan Love will once again lead us in reflection and discussion on current events through the lens of the Bible.  Zoom link is on our website or you may contact Leslee Kirkconnell.  


THE FLOYD HAYES ELLIS SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS will resume in-person class this Sunday April 11, 9:30am in Fellowship Hall. MASKS are required.  Arnie Petrus is Moderator and will answer any questions (arniethetutor42@gmail.com)  . NEWCOMERS WELCOME!


CHILDREN'S AND YOUTH MISSION CHALLENGE!  The Mission Committee is seeking $25 donations toward one of five projects: Help Ministry, DRITI, Manna Mart, Living Waters and Habitat.  We have a generous anonymous donor 'gifting' our children and youth each $25 toward one of these and now it's up to YOU to match that!  Questions?  Contact Leslee Kirkconnell.


THE SMALL GROUP TASK FORCE will be sending out a brief survey soon - we need your candid feedback! It will be by email, in the bulletin (for those in the sanctuary) and on our website. 

Last Sunday:  Leslee Kirkconnell

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MEDIA INFORMATION Currently we are worshipping online on Sundays at 10:30am.

If you would like to see the worship service livestreamed, please visit



  • Matching Funds Mission Challenge

    Please consider a $25 gift toward one of these missions.  While we are not promoting competition between our children/youth, feel free to contribute to your child/youth/grandchild's choice:

    Living Waters for the World:  Ben and Millie Davenport, Barbara Solberg-Hale, Henry Hulan, Drew Ellington, Amelia Seidler.  David's Room in the Inn:  Maddie Davenport, Claire Ellington, Nate Stein, McLaine Hudson, Saint Carmichael;   HOTEL, INC:  Manna Mart:  Emma Ahmed, Charlie Reber, Carlie and Cary Beth Bowen, Kenny Crocker;  Help Ministry:  Laura Parkerson, Jake and Quinn Ellington, David Yusk;  Habitat for Humanity:  Sara Parkerson, Eddie Solberg-Hale.  Questions?  Email Leslee Kirkconnell.

  • Small Group Book Study

    Beginning April 19, 7:00pm (by zoom) we will begin a discussion of the book You Are What You Love by James Smith.  Coupled with spiritual practices we will work through the book and deepen our spiritual lives.  Heather Kirkconnell will lead.  Books are available from Leslee Kirkconnell ($12).  Study questions?   Email HeatherContact Leslee for a book. 

  • 7 Marks of Vital Congregations

    From February 21-April 18 (off Easter - join us for fellowship instead) we will gather at 9:00am to explore the 7 Marks of Vital Congregations as part of our Matthew 25 invitation.  These marks will help us assess and make improvements, as well as strengthen our ministries.  We urge EVERYONE to participate (videos will be posted following for those unable to join live). 

  • Coffee & Conversation

    The Coffee & Conversation Class is gathering via Zoom on Sunday mornings, beginning at 9:00am.  Everyone is welcome to join us!  Contact Margaret Stein for information about the class.   This time/link is also used for the Sunday Circle, which meets second Sunday each month. 

  • Join us Each Sunday for Godly Play

    Children through 5th grade are invited to Zoom Sunday School - Godly Play - with Mary Evans, each Sunday morning at 9:00am.  Through story, song and wonder, come learn God's love for us each week.  Email Mary Evans for the zoom link. 

  • Join for Prayer, Fellowship and More

    All men are welcome to join our newly formed Men's Prayer Group.  They will meet on the first Tuesday and the last Thursday of each month, 7:00am by zoom.  Tim Leigh is leading.  Please contact him for zoom information. 

  • Round Table Pulpit Bible Study

    Is now on-line!  We will meet via Zoom on Mondays at 5:00pm.  Email to get the information.   Come join the conversation on the upcoming preaching scriptures. 

  • Read Through the Bible

    We are reading through the Bible together-join us!  Why?  Reading through the Bible is important - you have a clearer understanding of the history of God's people, the love God has for us and you improve your Bible knowledge.  We have brochures with readings available in the office, or you may go to the BibleTogether website to sign up for email reminders.  There is also an app you can download. It has the  readings (or listening - it will read you the passages if you like) questions, maps, videos and more!  Questions?  See Matthew Covington.