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Next Tuesday, February 25

Lions’ Club Pancake Day

11:00am Special Care

2:00pm Staff Meeting

THE SUNDAY SCHOOL OFFERING FOR JANUARY - MARCH will be dedicated for our Youth to assemble Clean Up Buckets.  Our February Buck in a Basket offering will also be dedicated to this.  The cost of a clean up bucket is around $75, and dollars donated will allow the youth to purchase the necessary items.  Your generosity is much appreciated! 


THIS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 23 we will welcome the Rev. Dr. Ray Jones, Associate Director of Theology, Formation and Evangelism with the PCUSA.  He will be leading an Adult Plenary session at 9:30am in the Conference Room and then preaching during worship.  ALL ADULTS are invited to attend the 9:30 session where he will introduce us to the Matthew 25 invitation, and particularly Church Vitality.  Please join us! 


BIBLE STUDY TOGETHER:  if you are engaged in reading through the Bible, we are working to set up some times for you to get together and discuss what you are learning. On March 8 at 11:30am, please come to the Fellowship Hall for a brief meeting.  We'll see about setting up some groups to meet, as well as launching a closed Facebook group (come learn how that works)!  See Mary Evans or Leslee Kirkconnell with questions.  (AND IF YOU AREN'T YET READING THROUGH THE BIBLE - IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START!)


CHILDREN'S MUSIC meets every Sunday, 9:00am in the Bell room across from the elevator.  Please be prompt.  And bring a friend - all in Kindergarten through 6th grade are welcome!


BUCK IN A BASKET this Sunday will be for Clean Up Buckets.  Our Youth will purchase the items for each ($75 a bucket) and assemble them later in March.  Thanks for your generosity and the leadership of Barbara Solberg-Hale. 


ASH WEDNESDAY IS FEBRUARY 26.  We will have dinner at 6:00pm - homemade vegetable soup, with homemade multi-grain bread. RSVP needed by NOON Tuesday February 25.  Dinner will be $5 per person.  Worship will begin at 7:00pm in the sanctuary and include imposition of ashes.  Contact the Office to RSVP. 


NEEDED! 3  willing cooks to make soup for our Ash Wednesday meal.  Recipe provided.  See Leslee Kirkconnell.  Also, help for our Ash Wednesday meal-set up, serving, clean up.  Sign up here or through our website or Facebook.


ASHES ON THE GO Once again we will be out of the building!  Wednesday February 26 at noon, we will offer Ashes (and prayer) on the sidewalk - between church and courthouse.  For those who pass-by as well as any who might not be able to come at 7:00pm for worship.


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who responded to our Christian Education Survey.  We had 40 responses.  The Christian Education Ministry has begun the process of reviewing the surveys and making plans to implement some of the great suggestions. A total of 28 people who are participating in the Bible Study Together indicated they would be interested in either a weekly or monthly gathering for more in-depth study or in a closed Facebook group to share thoughts.  If you are interested in joining with others for some Bible Study Together sessions (face-to-face or Facebook), you are invited to meet with Mary Evans and Leslee Kirkconnell after worship on March 8 in the Fellowship Hall for a brief organizational meeting. The Christian Education Ministry is always looking for new members and new ideas.  If you would like to join this committee or have ideas or suggestions to share, please speak to one of the following:  Mary Evans (chair), Catherine Reber, Shannon Dyche, Julia Roberts, Mike Kanan, Diane Simmons, Judy Whitson, Nathan Love, Nancy Hulan, or Wayne Hendrix.


LIBRARY  During Month of March, books not usable to the Church Library and/or the outside library will be displayed on the double window in Fellowship Hall. Please take any you can use. Those not taken will be donated to City Library for their book sales.


OUR FOOD PANTRY is a busy place and could use some help!  Dry beans - pinto, kidney, black, lentils are all needed.  Soup (NOT condensed), canned fruit, white rice also starting to run low.  All contributions welcome and can be placed in the drawer under the stairs. 


THE CURRENT ART EXHIBIT in the Fellowship Hall is from Arts for All KY. It is a non-profit organization that sends a call each year to Kentucky Schools requesting art by disabled students from grades K–12. Selected work is placed in a traveling exhibition throughout the state. The purpose of Arts for All is to encourage art and creativity among the state’s most vulnerable students. Works may be purchased with a $50.00 donation to the program.  For more information contact Delaire Rowe at 270-762-0023 or email programs@artsforallky.org.


NEW CHANCEL CHOIR REHEARSAL TIME: Wednesdays, 5-6pm.  The Chancel Choir will now rehearse from 5 to 6pm on Wednesdays.  The members found the earlier time to be appealing and favorable to their evenings.  If you find this time to be more suitable to your life, and you have an interest in singing in the choir, please contact Wayne Pope (270-991-8761), any choir member, or simply come at our 5pm beginning.  Come and enjoy a great time of singing and fellowship in this dynamic and loving group!


MEDIA INFORMATION  If, on Sunday you have a fussy baby or are coughing, etc., the worship service may be viewed from the parlor via television (across the hall from the Sanctuary). If you would like to see the worship service online, please visit www.bgpres.org/worship .  


Preaching this Sunday:  Matthew Covington

Last Sunday:  Let All the Greatness Begin! by Matthew Covington


  • We are matthew 25

    Join us on Sunday February 23, 9:30am when the Rev. Dr. Ray Jones will join us to help us understand this invitation.  There are three parts of this invitation:  Congregational Vitality, Addressing Systemic Poverty and Eradicating Structural Racism.  Ray will help us understand this, particularly congregational vitality.  Conference Room at 9:30 and then preaching at 10:30am. 


    DINNER AND WORSHIP: Join us for a simple meal at 6:00pm (RSVP required, $5.00 per person), with worship following at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary.  Email the office

    ASHES ON THE SIDEWALK! Noon.  If you won't be able to join us in the evening, you can stop by near the fenced area between the church and courthouse, on 10th Avenue.  All passers-by will be invited to join us as well. 

    HELP NEEDED FOR THAT DAY!  Click here to see where you can plug in! 

  • Bells are fun!

    Come for a fun morning to see what ringing in a Bell Choir is all about.  NO OBLIGATION!  Saturday March 14, 10:00-11:30am.  Learn how to ring and make beautiful music (reading music a plus, but not a requirement!).  Meet in the Bell Room (across from the elevator). For youth and adults!  Questions?  Email Heather Kirkconnell. 

  • lunch and fellowship

    Sunday March 15, 11:30am in Fellowship Hall.  Our annual fundraising luncheon to support our Youth summer activities.  YOUR DONATIONS  NEEDED!  Click here. Plan to join us - lunch by donation with our world famous bake sale (because that sweet tooth needs to be satisfied). 

  • read through the bible

    We are reading through the Bible together-join us!  Why?  Reading through the Bible is important - you have a clearer understanding of the history of God's people, the love God has for us and you improve your Bible knowledge.  We have brochures with readings available in the office, or you may go to the BibleTogether website to sign up for email reminders.  There is also an app you can download. It has the  readings (or listening - it will read you the passages if you like) questions, maps, videos and more!  Questions?  See Matthew Covington.

  • Round Table Pulpit bible study

    Continues on Mondays, 5:00pm in Fellowship Hall. Led by the Rev. Dr. Matthew Covington, this is a time of study and conversation around the upcoming worship scriptures.  Bring your Bible and a friend.