Anti-racism resources

Here is a list of videos, articles, podcasts and more to help us understand the nature of structural racism, implicit bias, white privilege, white supremacy and more.  This list will be modified as new important resources are discovered.  Check back often.  Be challenged, grow.  Racism and white supremacy are sins and we must understand and work to end both. 


Why it took 100 Years for America to Learn About the Tulsa Massacre

To Understand America, You need to Understand the Black Church

Short List of Books on Race, Justice and Equity

Candid Discussion of the Christian Response to Racism

Inclusivity is a Gospel Issue

Beginning to Face Racism as a Church

American Christians Race Problem

How Christians Can Respond to Unjust Policing

Working for Racial Justice (from Presbyterians Today Magazine)

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

What is White Privilege, Really?

How Antebellum Jails Supported Slavery - a Legacy that Continues Today

FOR YOUNG READERS:  CENTERING BLACK LIVES (a listing of Black authors really for all ages)

White Supremacy and the Church

Systemic Racism has Consequences for All Life in Cities

We'll Never Fix Systemic Racism By Being Polite

White Fragility Self Test

White Christian America Needs Moral Awakening

The Inherent Problem of Whiteness in Our Polity (Presbyterian Outlook, August 3, 2020)

My Thoughts On George Floyd -Danny Murphy, General Presbyter, Trinity (SC) Presbytery

Lament to Hope

Justice and Mercy

White Supremacist Ideas have Historical Roots in U. S. Christianity

PC(U.S.A.):  What We Need to Root Out

A Woman from the North Discovered Her Ancestors Owned Slaves

Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching (PBS)

A Statement from the PC(U.S.A.) Special Committee on Racism, Truth & Reconciliation

White Americans:  Please Don't Turn Away from Racial Injustice


Tone Policing (a pdf)

James Baldwin debates William Buckley

Toni Morrison on Racism

James Weldon Johnson:  To America

Carmen Laberge - Christian We Cannot Be Silent

Is Reverse Racism a Thing?

Race Vs Religion: Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man

Introduction to the Belhar Confession

Becoming Less Racist (a 5 video series)

The Long Shadow - a Documentary Film (this is about 90 minutes, but well worth the time.) View on Amazon Prime, or Kanopy (through the Library) Click here to watch the trailer.

Robin DiAngelo discusses White Fragility  (about 90 minutes total)

Robin DiAngelo Wants White People to Stop Saying They are Not Racist   (6 minutes)


The Reckoning - Facing the Legacy of Slavery (podcast from Louisville NPR)

Black Like Me by Dr. Alex Gee - any episode, or better yet, subscribe and learn!

Historically Black - A six session podcast on little known facts about Black History in America

Why Americans Don't Learn About Tulsa, or Juneteenth (Washington Post Podcast)