Fellowship and building relationships is critical to our Christian life. 

We enjoy a variety of activities together. 

  • Pig Pickin' will be August 15, 2021, 10:00am worship followed by lunch at the Beard Pavilion.  This will be an all-in event, with a set menu.  We need 6 volunteers to make each of three dishes (with 20-25 servings each as we are feeding up to 150 people).  See what help is needed  - click hereWe also need servers (this is not a potluck!), and the sign up has that slot also.  David Thomison is coordinating volunteers for set up, overnight and prep, Leslee Kirkconnell will answer questions about food and how we will serve.  Families may bring their own side dishes, but they may not be shared. 
  • September 26-October 1 is Fall Craft Week!  We will stay together in a house, and those who wish to register for the conference will do that, others are welcome to just relax in the early fall beauty of Montreat.  Contact Leslee Kirkconnell for information. 

Bud Schlinker is our Fellowship Ministry Chair.  Email him with questions.