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We are meant to do life together. Small Groups are gatherings of people who visit, laugh, learn, serve, pray and grow spiritually. It is in small groups that we can get close enough to know each other, to care and share, to support and confide, and watch over each other. Small groups can become a support system making it easier to handle the stress of life. We want to go beyond the Sunday morning smiles and waves to building deeper connections. We want to become a Small Groups Church and we want everyone to experience the transforming power of being in a small group.


You can join a Small Group at any time during the year and now is an especially good time as we rally back together for the new church year. We have a variety of Small Groups and look forward to having more. The following Small Groups would welcome new members.


Host:  Trudy Burkeen

Day/Time:  Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m.

Place:  Church Conference Room


Improve your balance and flexibility through a chair yoga class.  Trudy shares scriptures and inspiration throughout the movement exercises and you will leave feeling better both in body and in spirit. Email her.


Neighborhood Small group

Hosts:  Julia Roberts and Mary Evans

Day/Time:  First Thursday of Each Month at 7:00 p.m.

Place:  Julia’s Home – 1513 Barnard Way


Step away from the daily pressures of life and carve out an hour each month to build relationships and find heartfelt refreshment through visiting with each other, sharing scripture, and praying for needs in our congregation and beyond.  You would be welcome!  Email her.

The Bible and Bees

Host:  Matthew Covington

Day/Time:  Meets Periodically

Place:  Rob Byrd’s Farm


Honeybees are an integral part of our natural world. They pollinate most of our crops and trees, giving us the food, we eat and the air we breathe. But bees also hold a spiritual significance for humanity.  Bees and honey are referenced in the Bible over 60 times. What is it about these tiny insects that connects them to the divine?  Join this group and learn more about bees and the making of honey.


Host:  Wayne Hendrix

Day/Time:  Wednesdays at 7:00 a.m.

Place:  Teresa’s


Join this group for faith, food, and fellowship. All men and women are invited.

God/dog is love

Host:  Debbie Morse

Day/Time:  Mondays at 9:00 a.m.

Place:  Covington Woods Park


Bring your furry friend and join us for devotion and exercise. Dog walkers will join up for devotion and walking on Monday Mornings at 9:00am at Covington Woods Park. Meet at Gazebo near Parkview Ave. Bring your dog or borrow one and join in on the fun and make some new "furever" friends.


Hosts: Sam and Mary Evans

Day/Time:  Sundays After Church

Place:  Various Restaurants in Bowling Green

Join this group for food, fun, and fellowship after church!  Group members choose where they want to eat.

men's breakfast group

Host:  Tim Leigh

Day/Time:  Fridays at 7:30 a.m.

Place:  Lisa’s 5th Street Diner


Coffee and breakfast are served right alongside good times and encouragement. All you have to do is show up!


Host: Peggy Carthrae

Day/Time: Meets Periodically

Place: Various Care Centers in Bowling Green


Do you enjoy singing the old familiar hymns? If so, we have a Small Group for you! Several of us enjoyed singing Christmas carols to our friends who are homebound or in care centers and we noticed how much they enjoyed us singing to them. We wondered why we only do this once a year when it brings so much joy to them and to us. If you would like to sing and spread a little cheer throughout the year, come join this group.



Host:  Margaret Stein

Day/Time: Meets Quarterly

Place: At Rotating Locations


This FLOCK often works independently to support two mission projects—Prayer Shawl Ministry and Gloves of Love. Our members create prayer shawls, as well as warm winter items. These items often incorporate patterns of threes—and are prayed over throughout the process.


We aim to meet in person once a quarter. Please reach out if you’d like to cast on! In the near future, we hope to incorporate teaching others how to knit or crochet. We also hope to support any resident crafter who would like to participate, by providing the necessary supplies (yarn and needles) for projects.


Host: Charlotte Prow and Mary Evans

Day/Time:  Beginning meeting in 2024

Place:  Church or players’ homes


A new small group is being planned for people who would like to play bridge for fun. Charlotte Prow is a certified bridge teacher and is offering to teach beginners as well as those wanting to improve their game. Four friends and a standard deck of cards is all that is needed. A study at the University of California Berkeley found that playing bridge helps maintain mental sharpness and boosts the immune system.  Fun social interactions, mental challenge, and health benefits--what could be better?


Because we are

stronger together,

better together, 

and made to be together!

Do you have an idea for a Small Group? Talk to Matthew Covington, David Clarke, Tim Leigh, Pamela Napier, or Mary Evans and they will help make it happen!