Categories of Benevolence are Food, Shelter, Water, and .....

Benevolences are managed by the Mission Committee under the leadership of Shannon Dyche and Judy Whitson, Co-Chairs.

  • Buck in a Basket

    Buck in A Basket Offering This is a weekly opportunity to consider contributing $1 during the offering for a particular mission not included in our regular budget.  Here is the schedule for the first part of 2020:  

    January: Rise Against Hunger

    February: Clean Up Buckets

    March:  Food Pantry

    April: College Scholarship Fund

    May:  PLC Scholarship Fund

  • Food:  Church Pantry and Manna Mart

    One of the only pantries that is open every weekday (M-Th 8:30-4:30; Friday 8:30-12), our church food pantry serves on average 100 families per month.  December and January are often the most needful. Donated food items need to be non-perishable and easy to open. We welcome donations of peanut butter, saltines, canned tuna, white rice, dry beans, canned fruit/vegetables, snack items and more.

      Our church also supports HOTEL INC's Manna Mart which receives food donations from churches, civic groups, businesses, and individuals. Separate collection drawers for the Church Food Pantry and Manna Mart can be found under the stairwell in the church's 10th Ave Lobby.

  • Clean Water: Living Waters for the World

    Our church is committed to an annual mission to provide Living Waters for the World in under-served areas of Central and South America. We have water covenants with six communities in Central America. This mission is funded from pledges, fundraisers, and individual contributions.  

  • Shelter:  Room in the Inn

    Our church participates in a winter shelter and hospitality program for the homeless. We along with other congregations, offer a safe place to sleep and an evening meal and light breakfast each Thursday evening, from mid-November to mid-March. The Bowling Green model for safe winter shelter is taken from The Room at the Inn Program in Nashville, TN. Five volunteer roles -- dinner host, cook, innkeeper/sleeper, breakfast host, and housekeeper -- are available.

  • Shelter:  Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity is building in a new subdivision at the end of East 12th Avenue. Our church participates in at least one Saturday BUILD per year. Since 2011 our church volunteers, ages 15 to 82, have helped build homes for 9 families, with hammers, paint brushes, shovels, and written prayers on unpainted walls.  All funds for HFH BUILDS come from a  fundraisers. When considering what to do with an old sink, discarded cabinets, or an outdated sofa, think RESTORE located on Clay Street. Proceeds from items sold at Restore go toward material purchases for Habitat homes.  Contact:  Susan Thomison

  • Food: Saturday Meals

    On hold for a time, but planning to restart soon. 

    Contact: Judy Clark

  • Children at Risk:  Centerstone and Buckhorn

    Centerstone/Bowling Green and Buckhorn are agencies that advocate for children through therapeutic foster care, residential living, independent living, transitional living, and prevention services. Various mergers have occurred since Bellewood  began as a Presbyterian residential care facility for children in 1849. When Bellewood united with Brooklawn, they formed the largest non-profit children and family advocacy and care facility in Kentucky.  A 2018 Uspiritus/Centerstone merger added necessary psychiatric services. The Centerpoint Bowling Green office serves children and families in surrounding counties.   Our church assists Centerstone Bowling Green by providing meeting space and financial support. Buckhorn of Eastern Kentucky has a historical connection to our church's mission programs.   Contact: Diane Simmons

  • Food:  Bread for the World

    Bread for the World is "a collective Christian voice urging our nation's leaders to end hunger at home and abroad." Our annual contribution joins other supporters to end the injustice of world hunger.