We want you to feel welcome at The Presbyterian of Bowling Green! 

All are invited to join us for worship. Service is 10:30am CDT each Sunday. 

Beginning October 18, we will allow limited in-person worship.  This will be RESERVATION ONLY and in limited numbers.  You MUST call the office to reserve a spot by 1:00pm on Thursday.  Blanket reservations will not be accepted.  Individuals with reservations will be emailed instructions.  Masks are required - if you have a health condition preventing you from wearing a mask, please remain #healthyathome and watch our live stream.  Also if you are awaiting results from a Covid-19 test, you may not attend, (even if you have a reservation) until a negative result is given.  See specific requirements/instructions here.

The Lord's Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month and special church holidays.

To watch recordings of our worship services click here or the videos link above.

Click here to see the video of our first 'Ashes on the Go!'

Frequent Questions

How should I dress?

God is much more concerned with a person's heart than their clothes but many people want to know what they should wear to our church. You will find men in polo shirts and slacks, business casual attire, ties and sport coats or suits! You will see women in a variety of dress; slacks, dresses, suits. 

Are my children welcome in the worship service?

We encourage families to worship together.  A nursery is provided for infants and toddlers.  Parents with restless children sometimes exit to the parlor adjacent to the sanctuary where the service can be viewed live on TV.  We have Worship Bags for children in the Narthex and we also seek to involve our children and youth directly as leaders in worship frequently.  We also have Time with Young Disciples periodically during the year.  

What assistance is available for the hard of hearing?

Our sanctuary is outfitted with a loop system for people with hearing aids and also provides in house devices to assist people without hearing aids.

If we cannot attend services, can we view the services online?

Yes, our services are streamed via You Tube.  Here is the link.

Where do we park?

Parking is available along State Street and 10th Avenue. The BB&T parking lot across the street is also available from 10th Avenue. We are located at the corner of 10th Avenue and State Street in beautiful downtown Bowling Green. There are other nearby parking lots available with free parking on Sundays.